Frequent questions

Surely you have had or have any questions, so we took on the task of creating this section of frequently asked questions dedicated to solve your questions in a simple way

About our units

1What type of vehicles does Executive Transportation use?
Currently has three types of models; Yaris, Hiace and Camry.
2How many passengers and amount of luggage can fit in a Van?
They are 10 passengers and can carry hand luggage, medium, mixed or large.
3How many passengers and amount of luggage can fit in a sedan car?
They are four passengers and can carry hand and medium luggage.
4Is there a charge for extra baggage?
If there are less than four people there is no extra charge for luggage and the vehicle assigned is a sedan.
5¿ Qué sucede si somos más de cuatro pasajeros o contamos con equipaje extra ?
What happens if we are more than four passengers or have extra luggage?

Special cases

1Can I hire a taxi service with a driver for a period of time?
Of course you can hire. The services we offer are; Rent for hours, city-city and foreign.
2I will travel with a pet, what type of vehicle do I need to book?
It can be transported in any vehicle, but with a cage.
3Do I need to carry a baby seat on my own?
If you can take a seat on your own and communicate with the call center staff.
4Can I transport my pet, musical instruments, and / or sports equipment?
If you can transport any type of instrument or pet as long as it carries some protection mechanism.
5I have equipment for my trip as they are: Golf Clubs, Surfboards, Bicycles, Wheelchairs, etc. What kind of vehicle should I hire?
It is recommended to request van service, as otherwise these items could suffer some type of damage due to their dimensions.

About reservation and payments

1How can I book?
You can do it by these ways : The use of this portal (Website), indicating the data that is requested throughout the process.  Via telephone on any of our contact telephones (44-44-40-50).
2Is it possible to pay by credit card?
We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard credit cards, to pay on this portal or by phone.
3Can I use my credit card to pay for someone else as a passenger?
Of course, at the time of booking on this website you can do so on behalf of other passengers that are not necessarily you. Also, by contacting us by phone we can register the name of the third person who will be the passenger and take the cardholder's data to carry out the charge.
4Is gratuity mandatory?
It is NOT mandatory, it is at the discretion of each client.
5Who is responsible for the payment of motorways and booths?
It corresponds to the user or client.
6Is there a cost for leaving or picking up passengers at different points or places?
There is a cost for deviation, this is reported at the time the deviation is requested.
7How is the charge made to my credit card?
The collection concept will be in the name of express operating transportation.
8How can I request my invoice?
You can request it in our portal in the Billing section.
9Are the fares per passenger or per type of unit contracted?
It depends on the service you have hired; If you hire a transfer service to the airport you are charged for the number of passengers and type of suitcases. If you hire a rental service, the passenger number does not matter as long as they can enter the vehicle without compromising the security of the transfer, this is charged per hour with a fixed rate. If you hire a service outside the city, the cost is according to the destination of the trip. If you wish to move from point to point in the metropolitan area, it is at a fixed rate.
10Can I make changes to the time, destination or date of my reservation?
If you can change your reservation schedule if the time is less than three hours of the service contracted. The same applies for the destination and date.
11Is there a charge for a canceled transportation service?
Currently we do NOT charge cancellation of some of our services if you do it three hours before the service you wish to hire.
12Once the purchase is made. Can I change the passenger's name?
You can change any type of information (time, type of trip, number of passengers) except the name of the passenger. You would have to cancel the reservation.

About the trip

1How many hours in advance can I book a taxi?
They are three hours in advance so you can hire our services.
2What is the recommended time to use the transportation service to the airport considering the flight schedule?
We recommend two hours for domestic flights and three for international flights before your flight.
33What should I do if I believe I forget something in an Executive Transportation car?
Communicate with the call center and have the reservation number at hand.